Solve the secrets of escape rooms

A real life quest game from “AMNESIA” Company welcomes everyone who loves games, adventures, puzzles, and spending time with fervour.
Real life quests are a new type of urban entertainment, which encourages its participants to safely get out of a closed room by solving a number of logical challenges. The quest game lasts for 60 minutes and requires you to use all your skills and ingenuity in order to achieve a common goal as a single team.
Challenge yourself – find all the hidden items and solve all puzzles in time by following hints. We offer you the chance to beat the game along with your family and friends or plan a corporate questing event – we offer everything you need for a fun pastime. Fascinating scenarios and games for any ages will bring a lot of emotion and a good mood and help players develop a team spirit.
So what really does the real life quest involve? A team of players is locked in a room for one hour – they need to escape by finding clues and solving a number of puzzles that lead to the freedom and triumph of the team. Unexpected events and surprises are awaiting them – it’ll be fun!


Feel amnesia in one of our rooms

Paranormal activity

Old creepy rumours tell about an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city. They say a family lived there once. But when the younger girl went missing, the other family members left the house in fear. None of the new residents were able to stay in the house for long, leaving it in horror. All those who entered this house also disappeared. Since then, no one has dared to go near the house. But one day you and your friends were caught in the  rain and thunderstorm. You decided to wait out the storm and then return home. The door opened with unexpected ease…

Alice in Wonderland

Among people you know, there is one strange person. She always tells stories about an unfamiliar world reigned by the Queen of Hearts where rabbits are able to talk and tell time with watches. You thought that these are just fairy tales, until one time you spotted a white rabbit with pocket watches on a chain running past your company during a walk in the park. You had no choice but to run after the rabbit.


The price of one game for a team of 2-5 people On working days from 9.00 to 18.00 40 EUR On working days after from 18.00 to 24.00 50 EUR On weekends and holidays EUR 50 On Friday and Saturday from 24.00 to 3.00 EUR 80

Gift card

A gift card 50, – EUR value you can buy Matisa street 46 from 9:00-22:30

Gift card is intended for one game, all days of the week and after prior reservation and for a team consisting of 2-5 people

The Gift card valid 6 months from purchase date.

At the Games bookings please specify the gift card number

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